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The Venetian Campaign

brand portfolio strategy + marketing strategy + creative + experience design

With disparate aging assets that were highly themed, Las Vegas Sands Corp sought to attract a new and younger customer.  A successful reimaging of the brand portfolio strategy, allowed us to create efficiencies and leverage the highest performing brand with a branded house strategy; resulting in making the brand more relevant to future and aspirational target audiences.  To actualize a successful shift in portfolio strategy, brand operations were also updated accordingly bringing in curated brand experiences, innovative culinary offerings and redefining nightlife.

With a reimagined positioning and operations in place, it was time to craft a vibrant and spirited brand narrative, appealing to socially motivated and culturally connected customers.  Inspire a connection where old world beauty meets new world creativity.  A place with room for everyone that brings the best things to one place.  Fashioned after the grandest places on earth should inspire its guests to do only one thing:  Want the World.

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